On November 3rd the fifth Annual PAWSitively Matthews festival will be held from 10:00 – 4:00.  The presenting sponsor is Jamison Realty which is owned by Paul Jamison.  Mr. Jamison helped form and served as chair of the Economic Development and Advisory Committee (EDAC) and is currently a partner of The Red Brick Partnership of Matthews.  In 2013 the Town Council ruled to condemn Mr. & Mrs. Wrights property along Home Place stating it was a public purpose.  During the condemnation Mr. Jamison was one of the five property owners along Home Place and on February 25, 2013 he sent an email to former mayor James P Taylor stating “We received a commitment from the council that we would not be left behind on this issue.  I expect that commitment to be fulfilled.  We all have a very large investment in this issue and it needs to be finished once and for all.”   Hmmm, a commitment?  What commitment?  Well, in 2014 Honorable Judge Bridges ruled the condemnation was for the “well-connected” and not for a public purpose.  In 2013 Honorable Judge Beal of the NC Supreme Court even placed an injunction upon the Town of Matthews.  In 2015 the North Carolina Court of Appeals dismissed the case ruling the Wrights had “met their burden of showing that the Town’s condemnation action does not serve the public use or benefit.” According to Town Manager Hazen Blodgett there is no accurate account of tax dollars spent in pursuing Town of Matthews v. Wrights, but there is documentation that shows roughly over 250k being spent in pursuing this bogus condemnation.

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11-30-2013 Judgment  –  injunction see page 7

Judge Bridges email

April 21, 2015 NCCOA opinion

On July 15, 2014 the Town of Matthews received a massive amount of rain causing flooding in and around the area.  It was labeled the 100 year storm.  During this storm Paul Jamison had a clogged/blocked drainage pipe along his private drive.  Being that the storm debris was on private property this would have been the responsibility of Mr. Jamison for the clean-up and removal of the storm debris.  With one phone call to former mayor James P Taylor of Matthews our Public Works Department spent two days cleaning and removing the storm debris costing the citizens of Matthews $783.67.  Granted this is not a large sum, but when other citizens in need contacted Public Works Director Ralph Messera and Council members they were informed clean-up was their responsibility.  There seems to be a double standards here.  Furthermore, this was not the first time this drainage pipe had been cleaned from storm debris as stated by former Public Works Director Ralph Messera.

July 16, 2014 – “This is a private driveway up to Paul’s house from Home Place, and it crosses a creek that feeds Dick and Elinore Morris’ lake.  While we have helped clear this driveway pipe in the past of trash such as this, this is really Paul’s responsibility to maintain, by keeping it clear of trash and debris and open to flow.”

Property Damage Emails


So what has this got to do with PAWSitively Matthews?  Well, I think this is just one example of the corrupt behavior and favors being cashed in.  Here we have someone while serving as chair on the EDAC demanding that a “commitment” by the Town of Matthews be kept.  Not once but twice Public Works has cleared storm debris from his private property with the town knowing it was his responsibility and Jamison Reality is proudly listed on the town website as the “presenting” sponsor.   So I question, Is this really the kind of sponsorship we want or need to partner with the Town of Matthews?  And why does this council continue to support this type of behavior?  On August 13th Mayor Paul Bailey and Commissioner John Higdon, Jeff Miller, John Urban, Chris Melton, Kress Query and Barbara Dement appointed Adam Brooks, who serves on the EDAC, as the citizen representative to the QUAD of Matthews.  According to John Paul of WSOC-TV he participated in taking jabs at constituents.  This council has no shame.

Lastly I would like to be clear, I am not saying that no one should not attend PAWSitively Matthews the proceeds do go to charity and that is a great thing.  It’s just sad that it has this stigma attached to it.

WSOC article by John Paul

Thank you for supporting MATTHEWS WATCH and please remember to tell your friends and neighbors.  Thank You.  Gina Hoover

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