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What is the Technology Allowance?  On November 28,2005 the Town of Matthews Board of Commissioners voted to pass an allowance of $3,500.00 per term for each Commissioner.  The purpose of the Technology Allowance is for “acquiring computer hardware, software, communications equipment and services and related equipment and related training to assist the Boards of Commissioners in fulfilling their duties by enhancing communication and information processing with each other, staff and constituents.”   Bringing total to $24,500.00 of taxpayer funds  to finance this allowance.  Any unused funds can be transferred to another Board member if they both agree.  All items that are purchased become their personal property even if the Mayor and Commissioners do not fulfill their term.  To receive their reimbursement all receipts must be submitted and approved by the Town Board.  They have until the end of the term serving to submit receipts for reimbursement.  During the 2017 Planning Conference it was discussed to increase the allowance by $100.00 which would bring amount to $3,600.00 per council member thus increasing  total to $25,200.00. This increase passed unanimously.  This vote included current Commissioners Jeff Miller, John Higdon, John Urban and Chris Melton.  Former Commissioners John Ross, Larry Whitley and Former Mayor Jim Taylor.


January 11, 2016         $675.60    Larry Whitley

March 28, 2016            $281.44     Chris Melton

April 25, 2016               $1,959.46   Chris Melton

November 28, 2016      $2,157.16  Jeff Miller

November 28, 2016      $96.29  John Ross

December 12, 2016      $1,730.01   Larry Whitley


November 13, 2017    $1,442.84    Jeff Miller

November 27, 2017    $1,193.39    Larry Whitley

November 27, 2017    $1,200.00   John Higdon

November 27, 2017    $3,600.00   James P. Taylor  

Total amount spent for the term year of 2016/2017 by the Mayor and Commissioners was $14,336.19 paid in full by the citizens of Matthews.  The bright side to this total?  There is a savings of $10,863.81.  


Former Commissioner Larry Whitley spent $3,599.99 to purchase a ASUS laptop, Apple iPhone, software, mouse, internet, cell phone service and misc office supplies.

Technology Allowance 2016-2017 Whitley

I have provided the link for the receipts that were submitted on December 12, 2016.  It was Christmas I forgot to save documents to my computer.  My bad.  The receipts run from pages 246-269.

Former Commissioner John Ross spent $96.29 to purchase a McAfee subscription renewal.

Technology Allowance 2016-2017 Ross

Former Mayor Jim Taylor spent $3,600.00 to purchase cell phone service and a bundled phone and internet service. 

Technology Allowance 2016-2017 – Taylor

Commissioner Jeff Miller spent $3,600.00 to  purchase a monitor, mouse, laser pointers, internet service, cell phone service, Norton Anti-Virus renewal, laptop charging station, phone charger and misc. office supplies.   

Technology Allowance 2016-2017 Miller 

John Higdon spent $1,200.00 for cell phone service.

Technology Allowance 2016-2017 Higdon

Chris Melton spent $2,240.90 of this amount $1,499.00 was to purchase a Macbook Pro making this his third computer purchased within three years.  In 2014 he purchased a iPad Air $629.99 and in 2015 MacBook Air $854.99.  Funds were also used for cell phone service, magic mouse 2 and a App for Macbook Air/13″ Macbook Pro. 

Technology Allowance 2016-2017 Melton

Technology Allowance 2014-2015 Melton

John Urban did not submit any receipts for reimbursement. 

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