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HAPPY NEW YEAR!  It’s 2018 and the Town of Matthews is starting this year off with a new town council.    

In my opinion  –    

I have heard a lot of disappointment with the election results. I think is very important to understand that the establishment runs deep in this town so the election is more about keeping power.  There are people/developers with their connections and certain last names whose interests need to be protected.  A lot of money is to be made by future development which can include current commissioners and their family members.  God forbid that a newcomer who is NOT part of the establishment be elected.  He or she may actually care for the citizens of Matthews and know the difference between right and wrong.  During the forum held at the Levine Center and after Paul Bailey’s rude announcement of who he was endorsing, I was told by a commissioner that he wished everyone could run as an individual.    Instead of standing strong as an individual candidate on their own two feet Paul Bailey, Kress Query, Chris Melton, John Urban and Barbara Dement pulled together and formed their little group.  Our mailboxes were constantly stuffed with their flyers of promises.  Let’s not forget the big one included “Preserve Matthews”.  

We have been told many times our former mayor James P. Taylor decided not to run so that he may spend more time with his family.  I guess the eleven thousand four hundred eleven emails (11,411) that show he was doing his mayoral duties while being paid by Wells Fargo did not factor in on this decision.  Is it not amazing how politicians believe that citizens are stupid?  I was sent a copy of an article that was posted in our so-called local community newspaper where former mayor Jim Taylor stated “I never missed a band recital, soccer game or anything. I’m very happy about that.”   Laughing I thought,  yea because he was doing his work as mayor while being paid by Wells Fargo and receiving a pay check from the citizens of Matthews.   Anyway, Paul Bailey won the vote for mayor by 59.37 percent. He received 2,472 votes with Larry Whitley receiving 1,658 and there were 34 write-in’s.  Unfortunately he is starting off by being dishonest with using his private and work email account.  He clearly denied using his Duke Energy account for town business when documentation proves that in fact he did.  This is public record and property of the people and if he is willing to be dishonest over his emails what else will be on the dishonest list?  In my view this is a issue of character and dishonesty is not a virture in the Eagle Scout handbook.  When Mr. Bailey served as commissioner he voted to condemn the farm of WWII Veteran Nerbert Purser and the property of Mr. & Mrs. Wright for well-connected individuals of the town.  In 2015 the town was ordered by the court to pay the Wrights $74,570.00 for their attorney’s fees for 2015.  In all the town spent approximately $300,000.00 in pursuing Town of Matthews v. Wright, your tax dollars at work.  I have been told there is a video of him brushing off a concerned parent during a CMS meeting.  I am unable to locate but if anyone has or knows how to find it could you send the info.  Many Thanks!  

Jeff Miller, Chris Melton, John Urban and John Higdon were re-elected as Town Commissioners.  Kress Query has served as commissioner in the past and Barbara Dement will be serving her first term as commissioner.  The people have spoken and once again elected John Higdon for Mayor Pro Tem and hopefully he has learned his lesson and will serve out his term.  You see in 2013 John Higdon was elected Mayor Pro Tem winning by one vote over Chris Melton.  In 2014 Higdon graciously handed the position to Chris Melton.  Why?  That is yet to be known but during this past election Chris Melton constantly boasted he was Mayor Pro Tem which lead to tempers flaring.  Jeff Miller and John Urban also supported the vote to condemn Mr. & Mrs. Wrights property.  Even one of the well-connected financially supported Mr. Urban during the election.  Kress Query supported the voted to condemn WWII Veteran farm Nebert Purser and the Wrights property.  One of the well-connected individuals included within this circle of deceit of the Wright case was once Mr. Query’s neighbor.     

Many of you know I am a BIG opponent in using taxpayer dollars for a trip to Ocean  Isle Beach which is labeled the Annual Planning Conference which will be coming up in February.  During the first Board of Commissioners (BOC) meeting of the new town council on December 11, 2017 the Planning Conference was discussed and Kress Query feels the out-of-town meeting will increase productivity.  John Higdon noted a trip this year to the beach but not next February.  John Higdon also noted commissioners work 12 hour days which I found interesting because during the 2017 Planning Conference on Saturday February 25th while at Ocean Isle Beach this was the timeline as noted by Town Clerk Lori Canapinno.

8:00am – meeting started

9:45am – break

10:00am –  return from break

12:30pm –  lunch

1:45pm – return from lunch

3:00pm – break

4:10pm – return from break

5:50pm – meeting adjourned

Hmmmm, does this add to twelve hours?   I’ll get into this more during another posting.

I also found it interesting that during the BOC meeting Mr. Query mentioned a planning conference held at Chapel Hill and noted no one showed up.  I’m pretty sure citizens have to work to provide for their families and Mr. Query conveniently forgot to mention that the meeting cost the citizens of Matthews over $10,000.00.  As for attending the out-of-town portion will the town pay for all expenses incurred by anyone who decides to attend the meeting?  I’m willing to bet NOT!  Yet citizens are scolded by Kress Query and Chris Melton for not attending the meetings.  What’s wrong with that picture?  My question is, how can productivity be increased by going out-of-town? Would love for that to be explained but this is never addressed.  This is a public meeting funded by public funds and whether anyone attends or not it should be held in town.  I have had former commissioners state that after the meetings its dinner then drinking at the bar.  No, this is just another example and excuse to spend taxpayer dollars on themselves. One year a neighboring municipality held their meeting in Pineville at Outback Steakhouse.  Nice to know there is still responsible leadership somewhere for taxpayer funds, sadly it’s not here in Matthews.