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HAPPY 2017!!


2016 has come to an end and now we begin a new year with new memories and moments to make.  MATTHEWS WATCH is turning four years old, WOW were does the time go?  This year make everyday unforgettable, don’t sweat the small stuff it always works itself out.  As for New Year resolutions I do not make them.  I believe we should be thankful for each day we are given for we are never promised tomorrow.  Life is short so enjoy the ride.   In the words of Joe Dirt “Life’s a garden, dig it!”.

On January 20th our new president elect Donald Trump will be sworn in.  Like him or not I say give the man a chance.  Our country is in desperate need of change for the good,  Constitution protected, Police, Fire, Military and Veterans need to know we have their backs and all lives matter.  From what I have seen so far I feel the future is looking pretty bright.  There are too many self-serving career politicians and Matthews is no stranger of this.  This November is a voting year for our local Town leadership.  It is so very important that we learn and pay attention to the decisions that are being made.  We need to ask ourselves are they listening to our voice or will they continue to support special interests and purse their own desires.   There is no “me” only “we”  in public service.  

So… get ready the new year is here and MATTHEWS WATCH will be here once again to provide you with the information and documentation to keep you informed.      

Want to learn more about voter information in North Carolina?       

Thank you for all the support and have a Wonderful and Happy New Year.  

Gina Hoover