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** FYI – Town of Matthews v. Wright has been added the to January 2016 print of The American Law Institute.  What makes the April 21, 2015 North Carolina Court of Appeals ruling so important is that this is a published opinion which means this ruling will now set a new precedent.  Attorneys of North Carolina will now site Town of Matthews v. Wright in the future for similar or analogous cases.  This was not just a win for the Wrights but also a win for all citizens of North Carolina.   

NCCOA opinion 4-21-2015

American Law Institute   *see page #17 – No Public Use Or Benefit When Town, Fueled By Improper Motive, Condemned Private Street To Make It Public  


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The Technology Allowance is just one area of waste that needs to be completely revamped.  For every term a total amount of 24,500.00 is allocated giving a budget of $3,500.00 for the mayor and each commissioner.  After purchase all items become their personal property.  Whether or not they decide to use the full amount is at their discretion, some do choose to use the $3,500.00 given while others do not.  

Spending example:  During the 2010/2011 term on August 5, 2011 Mayor Taylor purchased a IPAD 2, total $714.83 w/o tax.  During the 2012/2013 term on August 4, 2013 he purchased a Macbook Pro, total $1,299.00 w/o tax.  During the 2014/2015 term on June 12, 2015 he purchased a IPAD Air 2 totaling $749.68.  All of which was paid in full by the citizens of Matthews.  When the mayor is already receiving a yearly salary of $15,750.02 and $3,900.00 stipend bringing this to a total of 19,650.02 for a part-time position, is this not enough?  

With the 2015/2016 term just starting the spending spree begins once again.  And so I ask, do you feel this is being fiscally responsible?  How many computers, I-PADS and I-Phones does one need?

2014/2015 Term Spending:   

Mayor James P. Taylor spent $3,500.00

 Technology Allowance – Taylor 2015

Commissioner John Higdon spent $2,093.95 

Technology Allowance – Higdon 2015 – 1           Technology Allowance – Higdon 2015 – 2

Commissioner Chris Melton spent $3,466.32

Technology Allowance – Melton 2015 – 1            Technology Allowance – Melton 2015 – 2          Technology Allowance – Melton 2015 – 3            Technology Allowance – Melton 2015 – 4           Technology Allowance – Melton 2015 – 5           Technology Allowance – Melton 2015 – 6             Technology Allowance – Melton 2015 – 7           Technology Allowance – Melton 2015 – 8

Commissioner Jeff Miller – spent $3,500.00

Technology Allowance – Miller 2015 – 1               Technology Allowance – Miller 2015 – 2

Commissioner Kress Query spent $ 1,120.80 

Technology Allowance – Query 2015 – 1             Technology Allowance – Query 2015 – 2

Commissioner John Ross spent $1,805.38 

Technology Allowance – Ross 2015 – 1                Technology Allowance – Ross 2015 – 2             Technology Allowance – Ross 2015 – 3

Former Commissioner Joe Pata spent $2,515.82 and was unable to finish his term. 

Technology Allowance – Pata 2015 – 1                Technology Allowance – Pata 2015 – 2          Technology Allowance – Pata 2015 – 3


On December 14, 2015 Mayor Taylor and Commissioners John Higdon; Jeff Miller; Chris Melton; John Urban; Larry Whitley and John Ross swore an oath to uphold the Constitution and Laws of the United States and the Constitution and Laws of North Carolina.  We can only hope and pray that this council fully understands the importance of honoring their word.  And to protect all citizens without bias and expose corruption whenever discovered.       

New to the council and first African American in 136 years is Larry Whitley.  His hope is to bring more Christian values to our government and I wish him all the best on that.  Returning is John Urban who supported the condemnation of the Wrights property.  Hopefully he will see the injustice and learn more of the issue’s at hand before casting his vote.  Re-elected are Commissioners John Higdon; Jeff Miller; John Ross and Chris Melton.  On January 11, 2016 the first order of business included the planning of the 2016 Planning Conference.  This is a public meeting but is normally held at Ocean Isle Beach and costing the residents an average of $7000.00 or more for a three day weekend retreat.  Commissioners John Urban; Jeff Miller; Chris Melton and Larry Whitley have submitted their thoughts of what needs to be discussed.  

Planning Conference topics 2016

Constitution of the United States

North Carolina State Constitution

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