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First, I would like to thank everyone for their support and kinds words during and after the election.  I enjoyed talking with everyone but most of all I loved making new friends.  This election was interesting and fun.  During the Plantation Estates forum I was set up for attack only to learn it was planned once again for the Polo Club forum.  Until that moment I really did not realize how childish people can be.  I was not running for mayor but you would have thought so.  As one resident put it “it was boring but then it got spicy!”.   One hot issue was the vote for two or four year terms.  This applied the Mecklenburg Commissioners.  I found this interesting because during the 2014 Planning Conference four year terms were discussed and supported by the mayor and commissioners.  As I stated I support two year limits and also believe there needs to be a limit as to how many years you can serve.  Unfortunately people are elected and do not know when to leave, they have become a legend in their own mind.   I also announced that my son will be getting married this year.  So, we are busy planning and preparing for a wedding and for all the emails I continue to receive requesting to please continue MATTHEWS WATCH do not worry I will do my best to post a monthly article.  Because I continue to receive questions I have kept my  email  open and I can also be reached through the MATTHEWS WATCH email. 

2014 Planning Conference – term length

2014 Planning Conference – term limits approved minutes

Now to set the record straight, during the election it was brought to my attention that a certain group of Matthews residents (who I am well aware of) were informing residents that I lied and I changed documents pertaining to Town of Matthews v. Wright.  Isn’t it funny how desperate people become when they are exposed for who and what they really are.  In my view these are the actions of a coward.  Instead of accepting the responsibility for participating in corrupt and unethical behavior they point their fingers and place the blame on someone else.  I believe the citizens of Matthews are smart enough to know that I cannot change court documents, emails and certified information provided by the town and then post on MATTHEWS WATCH.  Hmmmm, correct me if I am wrong but, would this not be illegal?   I have always been taught that if you are going to accuse someone you better be able to back it up or you may find yourself in a sticky situation.  So, to my accusers please explain how am I able to change court documents, the emails sent, town information and court rulings, I would really love to know. 


What is also important to remember is that the homes along Home Place are part of the Davinmor Development (this does not include the Wrights) and Davinmor is an unrecorded and unapproved plat and Matthews is aware of this.  Instead of holding the grantors accountable for breaking subdivision laws of North Carolina, Mecklenburg County and Matthews your tax dollars were used to help the well-connected.   

*On the emails please note the numbered pages at bottom right corner.  These are the numbers that were placed upon them when used for evidence in court.*

Emails 27-50         Emails 51-100       Emails 101-151       Emails 152-201       Emails 202-250

Mayor Taylor’s use of his private email account – Taylor emails – 10

Email –  Jamison

Former Commissioner –  Nancy Moore email

Former Commissioner –   Suzanne Gulley email

Town Manager –  Deposition Hazen Blodgett

Town Manager – Hazen Blodgett Deposition pages 14-17 

Mayor Taylor – Deposition Mayor Taylor

Public Works Director – Deposition Ralph Messera

Town Manager – Hazen Blodgett Affidavit 

Defendant – Mrs. Wrights Affidavit

Judge Hunter – 4-4- 2006 Wright v. Town of Matthews

Judge Bryant – 12-16-2008 NCCOA

Judge Bryant – 8-16-2011 NCCOA

Judge Beal – 11-30-2012 Judgment  *note on page six, injunction place upon the town and  because Matthews likes to bring up the judgement by Judge Beal granting the Wrights a $1.00, I would like to clarify.  Because the Wrights were not seeking any attorney’s fees or damages (they just wanted it over) and in order to keep the town from appealing (because there is a history) the judge awarded the Wrights a judgment of $1.00 to be paid by the town.  This worked there was no appeal but then the town decided to condemn their property.  If you hear “the Wrights only received a dollar and the town did nothing wrong” just remember on August 4, 2015 Judge Hunter ruled in favor of the Wrights granting them $74,570.00.  I think this is a little more than “just” a dollar and paid for by the citizens of Matthews.           

Judge Bridges – 3-11-2014 JUDMENT

Email –   Judge Bridges email

Judge Hunter –   NCCOA opinion 4-21-2015

Parker Poe Allen & Berstien payments

Judge Hunter  – Order Allowing Costs and Attorney’s Fees

Town of Matthews Budget Amendment releasing attorney fees- BUDGET ORDINANCE AMENDAMENT  *note the description as “legal fees” this is just another way the citizens are mislead.* 

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