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Town of Matthews v. Wright – Dismissed by NC Court of Appeals

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This is a property rights case that has been in the North Carolina court system for far too long.  The citizens of Matthews and North Carolina have been financially responsible for this legal dispute which the Town has had no business being involved in.     

On January 20, 2015 the North Carolina Court of Appeals (NCCOA) heard by oral argument Town of Matthews v. Wright.  On April 21, 2015 the Town’s condemnation was dismissed.  There is no need for me to write and explain the opinion of Judges Bryant, Hunter and Stroud when they have done an outstanding and excellent job in explaining the history of Town of Matthews v. Wright and why this decision was made.  They should be praised and commended.  If you would like to learn more you can visit the archives of 2014 January, June and see the follow-up for 2015 February.   

April 21, 2015 NCCOA published opinion

I would like to reiterate – 

OPINION OF THE COURT – The sequence of events leading up to the condemnation bolsters our conclusion that no public use or benefit is served by the condemnation.  The evidence shows that the Town was motivated by considerations irrelevant to the public benefit.  The evidence shows that Mayor Taylor and some Commissioners considered personal conflicts between the Town and the Wrights in making the decision to condemn – rather than considering the public use or benefit of the condemnation.”  

“We need not reach the issue of whether the Town’s decision to condemn was arbitrary or capricious because the Wrights have met their burden of showing that the Town’s condemnation action does not serve the public use or benefit.  Therefore, the Town’s condemnation action should be dismissed.”

North Carolina General Statue  Chapter 40A

So now we wait once again.  Will Matthews appeal or not?  I attended the April 27, 2015 Board of Commissioners meeting and the NCCOA opinion was discussed during the attorney’s report.   After listening one would be lead to believe that Matthews will not appeal, but anything is possible.  It is unethical and corrupt to take away property from citizens for a personal agenda and to drag this out any further would be an embarrassment to the town.  Hopefully Matthews will not continue this injustice and place more of a financial burden upon the citizens of Matthews and state of North Carolina.  

On November 21, 2014 I contacted Senator Bob Rucho and Rep. Bill Brawley and asked “Do you believe when someone breaks the law they should be held accountable or should government step in and use taxpayer money to fight and protect them?”  There have been many follow-ups and still no answer.  I think by not responding Senator Rucho and Rep. Brawley have answered the question as to who they support.  Do you not find it interesting how a politician loves to talk?  Ask a question and they shut up.  


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